River City Lacrosse…

“Just wanted to reach out & say thank you for your amazing coaching. Lucia went from not wanting to get out of the car at her first practice to saying she doesn’t like lacrosse after the first game on Sat. & that she will stick with soccer & basketball. After Sunday’s game & scoring a goal as well as feeling a bit more confident in stick handling it’s all changed. Lucia told us last night at dinner she absolutely loves the game now. Sometimes all it takes is just self confidence & good team playing. Thanks again for all you do in teaching the girls. Have a great day.”

“Wow. I appreciate the time you put into that email. Personally, I enjoyed watching both U14 teams. New to Lacrosse, It took me about 10 min before I even figured out how the girls are supposed to stop the person w ball-without physical contact. Love the physical energy required for this sport and that girls are really, face to face w opponent!”

“Thank you for the email.  It was great to see the girls work together and use the skills you’ve taught them in just a few practices.”

“Thanks so much for another fun season! Alex and Riley had a great time- they both love the program and the coaches.”

“First wanted to say thanks for a great weekend at Notre Dame.  Matt had a blast playing and attending the Notre Dame game.”

“Thank you to Coach Angelo for his outstanding leadership at our first tournament!  Many parents were commenting on how impressed they were by his coaching and ability to connect with the boys and motivate them. The boys did a great job for their first time playing together as a team!”